The Ultimate Hunting Starter Pack for Beginners

Posted by Keen's Tackle & Guns on 1st Oct 2019

The Ultimate Hunting Starter Pack for Beginners

Gone Hunting

Going out on your first hunt may mean that you get the chance for your first kill, which for any hunter is an exciting prospect. Although, to do that you need to be prepared with all the equipment, both before and after the hunt.

Before the hunt, you’ll want to ensure you’ve got sufficient access from the landowner, and you know the local regulations regarding where, what and how far away you can hunt. During the hunt, you’ll need all the right gear for the job. We’ve outlined just what you’ll need to get started below:

Preparing for the hunt

As is apparent in all types of hunting, you’ll need to ensure you’re properly prepared to get outdoors before you go full steam ahead.

Before the Hunt

  • 1.Go on a practice shoot
  • 2.Ensure that you have taken and understood a hunter safety course before going out in the open by yourself
  • 3.Obtain landowner permission
  • 4.Get your details together:
  • a.Driving licence or some other form of ID
  • b.De-scent your clothing

When you get to the Hunt

  • 1.Set up blind
  • 2.Set up equipment


To be both successful and warm out on the hunt, you may want to consider what kind of clothing you wear. All types of hunting gear are available to buy here.

Hunting Clothing

You’ll need:

☐ Jacket

☐ Inner thermal wear

☐ Boots

☐ Socks

☐ Gloves

☐ Rain and waterproof wear for bad weather


If you’re on a mission to get the best hunting produce, then you definitely need some essential equipment to aid your hunt.

You’ll need:

Rifle with scope

☐ Matches

☐ Handwarmer


☐ Trail marker


☐ Food and water

☐ 2-way radio

Ammunition and case

☐ Knife sharpener

☐ Toilet paper

☐ Headlamp

☐ Batteries

☐ Dry towel

Hunting Equipment

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So, now you know where to begin and how to stock your hunting cupboard, you’re ready to go out in the wilderness!

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