The 5 Best Apps for Hunters and Fishermen

Posted by Keen's Tackle & Guns on 30th Apr 2018

The 5 Best Apps for Hunters and Fishermen

Fisherman using mobile phone

It’s time to bring your skills into the 21st century and we’ve got just the thing to do it. These five hunting and fishing apps are not only free to download, but are packed full of tips, advice and tracking to help you bring your ‘A’ game to every outing.

iSolunar fishing app logo


This two-in-one app is great for hunters and fishermen. Using the original solunar theory, which is based on the moon’s position and luna phase, this app determines the peak activity for all types of wildlife in your location. It also has custom location mapping, sunrise/sunset times and much more, providing you with a more measured outdoor experience.

Fishbrain fishing app logo


With over 3.5 million recorded catches and 1.7 million fishing locations, Fishbrain is a hub of intel and conversation from anglers of all levels. This app is especially great for beginners as it allows you to track your catches, see your progress and join in fishing conversations with experienced anglers.

HuntWise hunting app logo


HuntWise is the ultimate app for sportsmen and women who are looking for a precise hunt. Using HuntCastTM predictions and the Hunting Forecast, this app will determine the best hunting times for a long list of species, including deer, turkey and boar. Its built-in map shows the boundaries of private land and different terrains so that you can plan your hunt effortlessly.

SAS Survival Guide app logo

4.SAS Survival Guide

Based on the best-selling book, the SAS Survival Guide has gone portable with this nifty little app. It covers the basic, but necessary, survival information that everyone needs such as how to build fires, find water and navigate using the stars. Great for anyone who enjoys the wilderness, we think this app is one you won’t regret downloading.

Fishidy fishing app logo


If Fishbrain isn’t the app for you, why not try Fishidy? A trusted name in the industry, this app allows you to track your position via GPS, showing you the depth and contours of the top waterways in the UK. Expand your knowledge and gain insight into new waterways and seasonal movement – all in one app.

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