Technology & Hunting Gear

Posted by Gary Keen on 2nd Sep 2015

Technology & Hunting Gear

Technology has crept into every facet of our daily lives, including into our favourite sport. Nowadays hunting is more than just a weapon and appropriate ammunition, as there are a great deal of technological innovations that can really enhance your experience. Whether it is wireless cameras, ozone generators, electronic wind detectors or ballistics calculators, there is a fancy new gadget for all discerning hunters.

Game Approach Alert Monitor

Allows you to be alerted if someone or something is approaching your hunting site. This motion detector is designed especially for use with hunting and delivers a beep or vibration to warn the hunter of an approaching animal or person. Not only does this act as an early warning system, but also lends itself to safe practice if someone accidentally wanders into a hunting site.

Wireless Cameras

Advancement in technology means that tiny cameras are now capable of capturing high quality video, without being damaged by excess movement or shock. Pioneered by the GoPro range of cameras, this now means that hunters can attach a camera to their weapon and film their entire hunt, for easy review later.

Also available are special game cameras that can be attached to trees. They are equipped with infrared and make no sound so you can take pictures of a hunting site without disturbing any wildlife at all.



Ozonics have produced an in-the-field ozone generator that makes a hunter invisible to an animal’s nose by using a silent fan to filter scent. This can be especially useful if an animal is approaching from downwind. The Ozonics generator masks a hunter’s presence completely, meaning that you are relatively invisible to animal presence.

Range Finders and Ballistic Scopes

Instead of a traditional scope, you can now purchase a scope that has a range finder and ballistics calculator built into a rifle scope. Enter the details of your rifle and ammo and it will do all the calculations for you.

There are also similar products for use with a bow. Emitting a continual beam, range finders can help you calculate trajectories easily.

Wind Detectors

When you are hunting, knowing the direction of the wind can be very important, especially if an animal tends to approach from downwind. Handheld devices can now be used and with a push of a button make 512 readings per second, showing a full report after three seconds on the air movement.

You can also get wind speed detectors, which will provide you with exact wind speeds and are useful for working out the trajectory of a bullet or arrow.

Whatever technology you may be using whilst out hunting, remember to ask for advice at Keen’s Tackle and Guns, and we can help you out with anything you need, recommending the very best equipment.