Posted by Gary Keen on 18th Jan 2017

​Hunting and Fishing Gifts 2017

Are you struggling to find good birthday presents for a hunting or fishing enthusiast? It can be a difficult task to find something that they truly want, especially if your not into either sport yourself.

To give you a helping hand, the team at Keen’s Tackle and Guns have picked out some of their favourite looking products that would make great gifts for a birthday or other special occasion. Have a read below and pick out some great fishing and hunting gifts, and watch their face light up as they unwrap a great present that they would have never expected to receive!

Hunting Gift Ideas

Seeland Eton Pine Green Hunting Jacket

Seeland Eton Pine Green Huting Jacket from Keens

Jack Pyke Cartridge Flask - £13

For an avid hunter there’s nothing better than having a hot drink when you’ve been out in the cold. Thankfully they can also enjoy their beverage of choice in a flask that’s shaped like a shotgun cartridge. It may seem like a novelty at first, but they will think again once they have the luxury of a warm drink to warm themselves up in winter.

Available to purchase from Amazon

Seeland Eton Pine Green Hunting Jacket - £99.95

There are outdoor jackets available for hunters that will keep them warm on long stints in the woods, but how about a jacket that is made for hunters? Made from a a waterproof but breathable membrane called Seetex, it will serve the dedicated hunter well, since it also has zipped pockets for a radio, inner pockets for valuables and a sleeve pocket containing a fluorescent band.

Highlander Tree Deep 25l Rucksack - £27

Another sure fire gift is a brand new rucksack, especially as they might have an existing rucksack that might be old or damaged that needs replacing. This rucksack has a 25l capacity and is also has a woodland design for it to blend in as much as possible with surroundings.

Fishing Gift Ideas

Lansky Knife Sharpener

Knife Sharpener from Keens

Knife Sharpener - £14.99

This will come in handy for anglers as well as hunters, but a Knife Sharpener is one of those tools that is always needed. Keeping a knife well maintained can be very important in the field, and unfortunately can get overlooked when busy. If they already have a sharpener, it’s always good to have a spare, and thankfully this little product makes for a good extra gift.

Imax Coast Thermo Smock - £49.99

A fisherman always needs a warm, waterproof coat, and this product is one of the best. So that it is completely sealed, every access point on the coat is adjustable to fit the wearer, along with neoprene cuffs. If that’s not enough, there’s also two hanwarmable fleece lined pockets and reflective strips so the wearer can be seen at night.

iBobber Castable Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder - £99.99

This fun gadget is ideal for anglers who are looking for something different in the new year, especially those who are into their tech. This smart device can detect fish up to a depth of 135ft with a sonar angle of 42 degrees. Once they’ve paired it with a smart device, the user has a visual representation of what is under the surface, and the 10+ hours of battery life means they will not be interrupted.

Available to purchase from Amazon

Make sure you get those presents with plenty of time to spare before the big day and for many more great gifts, pop into Keen’s Tackle and Guns today.