How to Get into Hunting & Shooting UK

Posted by Gary Keen on 27th Oct 2015

How to Get into Hunting & Shooting UK

Nowadays it is easier than ever to get into hunting or shooting, with a great deal of different groups around the country offering hands on training and experience that will teach you everything there is to know. As a new face to the sport, there is a lot to learn, but with the right tuition and some advice on the best equipment, you’ll pick it up in no time.

There are plenty of passionate hunters who are knowledgeable in many disciplines, so can give you great tips and tricks before you step out into the field. Hunting is a vast and varied sport that attracts huge support, so you will easily find people ready to welcome you into the fold. If you are keen to learn, then you will find plenty of people who are willing to teach you.

So whether you start with clay pigeon shooting, target shooting or jump in the deep end with wildfowling, there are experienced hunters who can help. Below we have listed a few pieces of equipment that we recommend to get you started.


These are the very basics you will need, but you are likely to need more sophisticated items depending on how quickly you advance and what kind of quarry you are hunting. Always ask for advice before purchasing any items, especially firearms that will suit the discipline you intend to participate in.

Gun Combo

keen's gamo coyote air rifle

All hunters will need to start out with a gun that will allow them to get used to firing, loading and carrying whilst out in the field. This air rifle is ideal for all beginners and is supplied with a Nikko 3-9 x 40 scope free of charge. The scope can also be purchased with a number of optional higher grade scopes, which we can advise you on if necessary.


hunting and fishing lamp

You will often find yourself hunting during dimly lit hours, especially as certain seasons coincide with autumn months, which means it will be darker on an evening. This rechargeable spotting lamp offers a powerful beam and is ideal for use when hunting. It’s especially useful for if you are lamping rabbits at night.


Keen's fishing clothing

A new item that has been added to our stock recently, this new French manufactured outfit offers quality camouflage at an affordable price. Ideal for all hunting disciplines, this outfit will allow you to blend into woodland locations very easily.

Bear in mind that the above items are just to get you started, but if you are serious about the sport then there will be more accessories that will really help you down the line. Eventually you will also need options for firearm storage, cleaning and maintenance to make sure that a weapon is kept in good condition for future use.

Come and speak to us at Keen’s Tackle and Guns for the very best advice on getting into hunting. We are happy to help provide information on locations, societies, tuition, or any other equipment you might be thinking of purchasing.