Fishing the Season - Sea Fishing in Summer

Posted by Keen's Tackle & Guns on 25th Jun 2018

Fishing the Season - Sea Fishing in Summer

June has arrived which means it’s officially summer fishing time. Summer is a busy month for us anglers not only because fishing in the sun is the ultimate relaxing sport, but also because large shoals of sprats travel into our inshore waters to feed on larvae and plankton. And for those of you who love fishing with spinners, feathers and float fished baits, this is your time to shine.

But it isn’t only shoals of sprats that are found in the British waters, there are also some larger fish which can be spotted in the sun. Here are a few of some of the beauties you could catch sea fishing this summer.

Wrasse Fish

Red Ballan Wrasse Fish

(Red Ballan Wrasse)

There are over 600 species of wrasse but it is the Ballan wrasse and cuckoo wrasse that are most commonly found in UK waters. Ballan Wrasse are large fish and make for a great catch as they can grow to ten pounds in weight. Residing in rocky areas, they migrate for winter and return to shallow water in the summer months, where they will feed on shellfish and crustaceans.

If you’re looking for a smaller – and more colourful – catch this summer, cuckoo wrasse can be found during summer in the warmer water of the UK. This tropical fish is usually found in deeper waters, although they can be caught inshore too, sometimes sharing the waters with Ballan wrasse.

Gurnard Fish

Gurnard Fish

The gurnard fish is often found in the southern waters of Britain, with many being spotted in the English Channel. Gurnards are a favourite among the angling industry as they’re a sustainable species with a delicious taste. During the warmer months, gurnards travel to the shallow water to spawn and the sandy coastlines are a hotspot for this fish, so head to the coast for a better chance of catching one.

Mullet Fish

Red Mullet FishGrey Mullet Fish

(Red Mullet Fish) (Grey Mullet)

Mullet fish were featured in our Sea Fishing in Autumn blog post, showing their diversity as a fish. They breed from winter through to spring, with the younger fish living inshore through these months and the more mature fish spending the summer in the shallow waters. Although they are found in the sea, mullets prefer calmer sea waters, so we suggest taking a freshwater approach by using lightweight equipment and stealthier tactics.

There are many different species of mullet found in the British waters, thick or thin-lipped grey mullets, golden grey mullets or red mullet, so you have a good chance of catching one this summer!


Plaice Fish

Plaice, not to be confused with flounder, spend the early months of summer eating, meaning by July/August the fish are at their heaviest and best. You can find them in sandy and muddy seabed’s, in open surf beaches, and they can be caught using lightweight equipment and sea bait. Plaice are great and tasty fish, but they have been largely overfished using methods which are damaging to the environment. If you’re fishing plaice, it is important to be considerate of your surrounding and the population in the area.

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