Fishing the Season - Sea Fishing in Autumn

Posted by Keen's Tackle & Guns on 13th Oct 2017

Fishing the Season - Sea Fishing in Autumn

Autumn has arrived and with the new season comes new angling opportunities. The cross over from summer into winter means there are now hundreds of different fish in UK waters. To prepare for the changing season, we’ve gathered together a list of what you can expect to catch this autumn.


Mullet Fish

Mullet are typically found in the southern waters of the UK, living in harbours, marinas or natural coves. Travelling in groups, mullet begin to spawn in winter and so are often found in September and October.

Since mullet prefer calm waters, catching them requires a high level of stealth. Many anglers choose to wear camouflage or neutral coloured clothing, hoping to blend into the mullet’s habitat. Choosing your clothing wisely, along with making as little noise as possible, will stand you in the best stead to catch a mullet.


Flounder Fish

From late summer to late autumn is prime flounder season. Usually found in shallow waters in the UK and Ireland, flounder commonly weigh around 1lb, though some can grow up to a modest 5lb.

Whilst attempting to catch a flounder it is crucial to wait until the fish has fully taken the bait. Good bait presentation and patience is the key to flounder fishing. Their small mouths often mean they strike several times before latching onto the bait so making it as tempting as possible will increase your chances of a catch. Adding extra beads and feathers to your hook will entice cautious fish in, then all you need to do is wait patiently for the bite!


Pollock Fish

Pollock fishing can be done all over the UK coastline, but hotspots include Devon, Cornwall, Wales and Scotland. Hiding in rocky, weed covered seas, pollock are regularly found in summer and early autumn, just before they begin to migrate into warmer waters for the winter.

You can catch pollock in several ways, meaning they are an accessible fish for any type of angler. Float fishing, lure fishing and bait fishing are common methods of catching pollock, all requiring a sturdy hook to successfully catch the fish. Hooks between the sizes 2/3 are the ideal for reeling in pollock.


Whiting Fish

Whiting are at their best during autumn and winter, often growing to their largest around the month of December. Found all over the British Isles, whiting is a simple autumnal catch. Their competitive life in water means they typically snap at bait much faster than other fish, making it a sure-fire catch for all anglers.

Grey’s 3 hook loop rig is designed for whiting fishing as it allows you to fish from a distance. Its top two hooks flap in the tide, luring the whiting in despite the rough seas. There is also no need to worry about bait for this unfussy fish; ragworm, lugworm and mackerel baits are all inexpensive lures that the whiting will love.

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