Posted by Gary Keen on 31st Jul 2017

​First Time Fly Fishing

National Fishing month is just around the corner and is a huge celebration of all things fishing so why not join the celebrations and have a go at fly fishing! Whether you are a complete novice, or just wanting to get out of your comfort zone, you need the best equipment for a great experience.

Below we’ve selected five products that will help your first-time fly fishing be a successful one, go get those fish!

1. Rod

Firstly, a good rod is a necessity. There are hundreds available on the market and it can be daunting trying to decide which to buy. A good starting point is by deciding what type of fish you want to catch. The weight and length of the rod will decide the fish you catch, for example lightweight rods (7ft – 8ft 6in) are great for catching smaller fish, whereas, bigger rods (9ft-11ft) are better for heavier. The Cortland Desire is a great first rod: its reasonable price and lightweight material make it perfect for catching smaller fish in lakes and streams.

Cortland Desire Fly Fishing Rods

2. Reel

A reel is your next ‘must have’ item, it will be your trusty friend when you’re trying to reel in your big catch! It is important you check your reel is designed for fly fishing,they can easily be muddled with spinning reels which are only used for heavier fish such as bass. Getting these confused will make your fly fishing experience a nightmare, so be sure to check!

Reels vary greatly and the price can range from tens to hundreds of pounds. For beginners, we’d recommend Greys GTS500 Reel designed specifically for fly fishing. The choice of two reel sizes mean it will compliment any rod, including the Shakespeare’s Odyssey rod, making it a great companion for your first fishing experience.

Greys GTS500 Fly Fishing Reel

3. Flys

Bait is always an essential part of fishing and fly fishing is no different. Flys, often created from feathers, hair or string, are created to mimic the insect and lure the fish in.

They’re available from every fishing retailer and you can even make them yourself by simply tying your chosen material to a metal hook. However, if you haven’t got time to become a crafty fisher, Grando sell five packs of brightly coloured flys for only £4.95. Their luminous colour attracts a wide variety of fish, hopefully resulting in a big catch!

Grando Tackle Dancers Fly Fishing Selections

4. Net

A durable net is crucial to your fishing experience so you can easily collect the fish caught on your fly. Abu Garcia’s compact folding net is perfect for beginners; its one-handed folding mechanism and magnetic net clip make it easy to use and store. The fish friendly mesh means it’ll be dry within minutes of use, making the journey home stress and smell-free.

Abu Garcia Compact Folding Fishing Net

5. Waders

Finally, you need a good pair of waterproof waders to ensure you stay as dry as possible on your trip. Be sure to pick a breathable pair that won’t restrict your movement, you need to have room to move so you can swing the rod over the water.

This pair of waders by Greys Strata are made from Climatex4XL fabric. Designed to be lighter around the chest but heavier on the legs, they are both comfortable and resilient, making them a fisherman’s dream! Currently reduced to £199.99, they include a free pair of wading boots, making them a great bargain and final piece in your fishing kit.

Greys Strata CTX Breathable Chest Waders

Greys Strata Fishing Boots

All products mentioned are available at Keens Tackles and Guns, as well as a wide range of advanced fishing and hunting products.