Posted by Gary Keen on 13th Oct 2016

Discover Ice Fishing

As a fan of all things fishing, it can be a nice change of pace to try out different disciplines in the field, especially if it means you get to travel to unique locations around the world. One discipline that will certainly allow you to do this is Ice Fishing.

Ice Fishing

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There are only certain destinations that are cold enough to accommodate a completely frozen lake, that is also thick enough to hold people walking on top of it easily without breaking. Drilling through the ice to get to the trout or perch swimming underneath means you need to have the right equipment, but ice fishing can be a fun and enjoyable pastime during the winter season.

Below we have outlined the best locations to do it, the type of equipment you will need and included any other tips that are relevant.

Where to go

Undoubtedly the very best destination to travel to is Norway, which has a wide variety of locations within the country that offer the perfect conditions to accommodate a frozen lake. There are accessible lakes in Gjovik such as Lake Mjosa, where you can also try night fishing, after which you can spend the night camping by the frozen lake. For more information on the types of fish to catch in Norway, check out this page here.

The Finnish see ice fishing as a form of meditation, as once you have drilled through the ice and dangled a fishing lure in the hole, you simply have to sit and wait. Take your time setting up and choose the position of your hole wisely. After that, just be one with nature, catching any fish is just a bonus. Due to the abundance of frozen lakes across Finland, you’ll be spoilt for choice when planning your trip. For more information on the types of fish to catch in Finland, check out this page here.

There are also several locations in North America that are just as ideal for ice fishing. From the shores of the stunning Lake Michigan, to Lake Champlain up in Vermont, you could even embark on an ice fishing tour given the amount of good locations to choose from. For more information on the types of fish to catch in Lake Michigan, check out this page here.

Equipment you need

Keen’s Tackle and Guns stock all the best equipment for your ice fishing jaunt, although it may be easier simply to hire some equipment, such as an Ice Auger (the drill used to cut through the ice), once you’ve reached your destination. For other necessities, check out some of the links below:

  • Fishing Rod
  • Fishing Reels
  • Braided Lines
  • Hooks/Swivels/Links
  • Jigs and Shads
  • Thermal Clothing

    For any more advice on what to take with you on your ice fishing trip, call into our shop at your next convenience, or contact us online today.
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