Posted by Gary Keen on 26th May 2017

Best Ever UK Fishing Records


Have you ever caught a fish so big it could have broken a world record? To celebrate the upcoming National Fishing Month (21 st July – 3rd September) we thought it would be worth compiling all of the best fishing records from the UK (according to Angling Trust). 

From the heaviest mirror carp to the longest blue shark, we’ve put some of the best records down so you can try and beat them next time you’re out on the lake or shore. Good luck!

Common Skate

A 229lb, 92-inch Common Skate was caught by Roy Anderson from his boat in Rackwick, Orkney. The record was set on the 13 th June 2012, and made the Angling Trust’s notable Fish List for its weight and size.

Mirror Carp

Dean Fletcher is attributed to catching the heaviest Mirror Carp in 2016. The 68lb specimen was rod caught in Berkshire, at Cranwell’s Lake on the Wasing Estate.

Blue Shark

A massive 253lb Blue Shark was caught by James Fellows from his boat Off Milford Haven. The catch happened on 18 th August 2016, and the specimen was measured at 100 inches, breaking the UK record for such a catch.

Rainbow Trout

Michael Mitchell managed to catch a 34lb 12oz Rainbow Trout on the 2 nd October 2016. The 38-inch-long fish was road caught in Loch Earn.

Opah (Lampris guttatus)

The record weight for an Opah was set in 1973 by A R Blewett, who caught a 128lb specimen from a boat in Mounts Bay, Penzance. Since then, the record in the UK has never been broken.

Ling (molva molva)

The heaviest Ling specimen caught by rod weighed 67lbs 5oz, and was attributed to J Isbister. It was caught in 2013 in Muckle Flugga, in the Shetland Isles of Scotland.

Cod (gadus morhua)

The Cod specimen to set the UK record for being caught from a boat was 58lbs 6oz, captured in 1992 by Noel Cook in the North Sea, off Whitby. On the other hand, the heaviest Cod caught using a rod from the shore was 44lbs 8oz in 1966, caught by B Jones in Glamorgan.

Conger (conger conger)

Caught using a rod from a boat, the largest Conger specimen recorded was 133lbs 4oz, caught in 1995. The catch was made by Victor Evans, who captured the fish in Wreck, off Berry Head, in Torquay, Devon.

Angler Fish (Lophius piscatorius)

A 94lb 12oz Angler Fish was caught by rod on a boat by S M A Neill. The catch was made back in 1985 in Belfast Lough, Northern Ireland, with the record standing until this day in the UK.

Atlantic Salmon

The longstanding record for catching the heaviest Atlantic Salmon goes to Miss G W Ballatine, who captured the fish in 1922. She caught a 64lb specimen on the River Tay, Scotland, and the record has never been broken in the UK since.

Pike (Esox Lucius)

An angler by the name of R Lewis managed to catch a 46lb 13oz Pike in 1992. Caught using a rod, the specimen was captured in Llandegfedd, Wales.

Mako Shark

A monstrous 500lb Mako Shark was caught in Plymouth, Devon by Mrs J M Yallop in 1971. Along with being one of the heaviest specimens in the UK, it also tops our list of the best UK fishing records.

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