Posted by Gary Keen on 31st Jul 2017

​A Guide to Hunting Optics

Shooting from a distance can be difficult, as your target may be a hundred miles away and travelling fast, so getting a good aim can be challenging. However, help is readily available in the form of optic equipment, designed to make your hunt a little bit easier. Here’s our guide to optics and how they can change the game!

What is a scope?

Scopes work by putting your eye on the same optic plane as your target, allowing you to get a more precise shot.

What magnification should I buy?

The first thing to consider when buying your scope is its magnification, which can be either fixed or variable. Fixed is generally more reliable, as they are designed with a specific magnification. For example, 3x making them a precise focus for various hunts.

Variable scopes are more versatile, they cover a range of distances, allowing you to use the same scope no matter the weather. Variable scopes are widely available, ranging in price and ability. The Vortex scopes are reliable, affordable and promise to make your hunt the most precise one yet.

Is there anything else I should consider when choosing my scope?

There are many different factors you can consider when choosing your scope. The weight, length, quality and coating can all affect the scopes ability so be sure to check these factors before buying.

A key factor to consider is the rifles reticle which helps you determine the distance, wind range and aim of the rifle.

What scope do I need for hunting at night?

If you enjoy hunting at night a thermal imaging device or scope will be your best friend. An imaging device will allow you to easily spot your prey amongst a range of terrains, making your shoot as clear as day.

Thermal imaging equipment can be pricey but once you’ve made the investment you will have them for life. The Leupold LTO Thermal imaging device has a 10-hour battery life as well as a 6x zoom, allowing you to hunt all night long.

Do I need any other equipment?

Alongside scopes, there is a range of equipment you can purchase to enhance your hunt. Mounts, red dot sights and weaver bases can all be bought to accompany your scope for a more professional experience.

If you don’t want to purchase all the extra equipment, then we’d recommend going back to basics with a trusty pair of binoculars. Every hunter needs a good pair to help spot their hunt and there are a wide range on the market. The Hawke Nature Trek binoculars have a 10x magnification, meaning your prey will never be out of sight.

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