Posted by Gary Keen on 3rd May 2017

5 Best Hunting Programmes

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If you’re just starting out as an amateur hunter, then it’s worth asking around for the best advice, along with the tricks of the trade that will improve your chances of bringing home a trophy.

One of the best ways to discover more about the sport of hunting is watching some insightful television programmes, of which there are a great deal that have been produced! Below we have listed some of the best we’ve watched; perfect for offering advice into hunting techniques, as well as promoting enjoyment of the sport around the world.

Days in the Wild

Days in the Wild is a TV show about a hunting crew that hunts everything that’s legal to hunt. It goes into the depths of “how-to” aspects of hunting and everything that an aspiring hunter needs to know. Many people can’t afford to hunt with a guide, or scout a specific area of land. Days in the wild covers the real side of hunting, and the tactics you will need to be successful in the field. A hard hitting, very entertaining show to captivate viewers every time they watch it.

Days in the wild is available to watch on YouTube or CarbonTV online.

Dream Chasers

Follow the producer Cody Butler as he embarks on a perilous journey throughout the unknown which will be sure to grab your attention and keep you coming back for more for more episodes. Cody and his team work hard to bring you real life hunting experiences that you as viewers and possibly experienced hunters will be able to relate to. They chase anything they can get a tag on for across the nation. Their goals are simple. “Have fun, have faith, Fear nothing and dream on!”

Dream Chasers episodes are available to watch on YouTube or CarbonTV online.

Fatal Addiction Outdoors

Fatal Addiction showcases two brothers, Brett and Justin Tweeter, who strive to capture the real side of hunting and bring that right to your screen without having to go anywhere. They will give you the key tips that you will need to be successful out there and after all you do want to bring back that trophy hunt home. They don’t have any episodes of full sponsor plugs, just pure real life hunting.

Episodes are available on CarbonTV or YouTube.

Operation Northeast

Operation Northeast is about a group of hunters juggling everyday life with life in the outdoors. This is an amazing show showing you how real life hunters handle both their hunting and life outside of hunting. Set specifically in the North east of America for two seasons as you follow two young hunters. The episodes also show some of the best hunts that the two brothers have caught on camera and will be a thriller to anyone that watches it.

You can watch Operation Northeast on Carbon TV or YouTube.

Final Draw

Final Draw is about the journey and the experience of the hunt, not just about mounting the trophy at the end of it. The team of hunters is young, enthusiastic and lives the outdoor lifestyle. Not every hunt ends with a trophy they say. They show the reality of hunting, hits and misses, Final draw shows what real hunting can be like; the ins and outs, and gives you a real insight into what it’s really like.

Final Draw episodes are shown on CarbonTV website or YouTube.

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