Posted by Gary Keen on 13th Apr 2017

5 Best Hunting/Fishing YouTube Channels


Have you ever wanted to find out some easy tips and tricks to hone your techniques in hunting and fishing? Alongside talking to those who would consider themselves to be professional, there are all sorts of online resources for you to take advantage of when learning more about your chosen discipline.

YouTube is a fantastic resource of how-to videos and interesting pieces that will help improve your overall technique, and ensure you learn from the best. Have a look at five YouTube channels we have found that will be of interest to both hunters and anglers. Especially if you are just a beginner, this will really help you to learn advance techniques at your own pace.

MCQ Bush Craft

  • Established on YouTube August 2012
  • 206k subscribers
  • Based in United Kingdom

MCQ Bush Craft is run by a UK outdoorsman by the name of Michael Mcquilton who engages in both fishing and hunting. He goes by the quote for his YouTube videos; “why do anything if somebody else will do it for you”. Videos consist of Michael solo hunting for 5 days, gutting fish, preparing a grass bed all the way to camp cooking crayfish.

He covers all the skills that you will need for a good fishing or hunting trip, along with bushcraft essentials, which will be valuable for those just starting out.

Fieldsports Channel

  • Established March 2009
  • 123k subscribers
  • Based in the United Kingdom

Fieldsports is run by a group of hunters and fishers across the country looking and catching all different types of animals. They also share valuable skills for fishing trips in and around Kent. Their videos consist of assessing different guns for hunting, before trying them out to see which is best.

If you are looking to purchase a rifle and are unsure of which to buy, take a look at Fieldsports, which should provide some interesting information on what options are best.

Michael Pewtherer

  • Established April 2008
  • 1.8k Subscribers
  • Based in United Kingdom

Michael has many videos on specific skills you will need while hunting or fishing, alongside additional activities such as hand drill fires, trout hunting and making a bush craft meal. One of his videos focuses specifically on building a shelter for nights when you are solo hunting.

If you’re looking to develop valuable skills for use when solo hunting, take look at Michael’s channel for some great advice.

Natural Life

  • Established July 2015
  • 8.4k Subscribers
  • Based all around the world

Natural Life is based all around the world and have published a wide range of videos, hunting all different species of animal around the world. They also show you many hunting techniques that allow you to catch animals with just your bare hands! Covering a whole range of cultures and disciplines, this video channel is for lovers of hunting who have a general interest of the sport and are intrigued to see it done around the world.

Check out these videos to learn advanced techniques and implement them into your own hunting and fishing trips when possible.

Hunting Fishing TV

  • Established July 2014
  • 45k subscribers
  • Based in United States

Hunting and Fishing TV are based in the United States and capture a wide range of the best hunting and fishing of wild animals. They have many videos of detailed hunting with dogs and many tips for rifle use when in the field.

Look no further for the perfect hunting channel which will tell you all you need to know the best way to hunt a wide range of animals.

For more tailored advice for hunting and fishing techniques in the UK, along with a huge range of essential equipment, pop into Keen’s Tackles and Guns today, or contact us here.