Posted by Gary Keen on 12th Apr 2017

5 Best Fishing Programmes


If you’re just starting out as an amateur angler, then it’s worth casting around for the best advice, along with tricks of the trade that will improve your chances of bringing home a catch.

One of the best ways to discover more about the sport of fishing around the world is watching some insightful television programmes, of which there are a great deal that have been produced! Below we have listed some of the best we have watched; perfect for offering advice into fishing technique, as well as promoting enjoyment of the sport around the world.


Trawlermen details the working lives of Scottish Trawlermen across the country, and there are four series and one special episode in total. The TV series focuses on a number of trawler crews in Peterhead, the dangers they face and the working conditions they must endure every day. This series is a real insight into the treacherous lives that trawlers have and what they do every day.

This show aired July 2006 and its final episode date was July 2010. There have been a total of 20 episodes which are available to watch through BBC, ITV, Dave and Watch. You can also buy the DVD with all 20 episodes plus the bonus episodes from any UK stores.

Trawlermen Tales

Trawlermen tales is a three-part documentary which focuses on the lives of Cornish Trawlermen. The documentary goes through the daily battles they have against treacherous weather, as well as issues. All three episodes are narrated by the famous Sean Bean. This is a spin-off from the Trawlermen series giving a more in-depth insight into what dangers they are against every day.

The Trawlermen Tales was first released January 2016 and you can currently watch episodes on ITV, Dave or the Watch. You can also buy the DVD with extended footage from any UK stores.

Robsons’ Extreme Fishing Challenge

Robsons’ extreme fishing challenge is an entertaining show in which the hyperactive Robson Green travels across the world to compete against local fishermen of their craft over five rounds of grit and determinations. He travels to the most remote fishing locations on the planet to catch the biggest, best fish across the planet.

The show first aired April 2012. Episodes are available to watch on channel 5, Dave, Watch and ITV. You can also buy the DVD with the complete series, plus extra footage from any UK stores.

The Fish Warrior

Fish Warrior is a TV series shown on the National Geographic channel. This is about a lifelong angler who goes on some extreme fishing expeditions to the most remote regions of the world. It is presented by Jakub Vágner who is described to many people as a “champion Czech angler with a bag of world record catches under his belt.” Along the way he meets locals, observes their customs and hears some very interesting fishing legends.

The show first aired July 2010 and you can watch the available episodes on the National Geographic channel and online, you can also buy the completed box set from amazon.

The Catch

The Catch is a documentary with a rare insight into the reality of life at sea as a deep-sea fisherman, who work at all ports across the UK. “Every trip is a gamble”. This quote sums up this series. The catch has good footage of working fishermen up and down the British Isles, and anyone interested in fish or fishing will enjoy aspects of the series.

The show first aired 24th March 2016 and you can now watch the catch on channel 4, or online on channel 4s’ catch up feature. You can also buy the completed series on DVD online from any UK stores.

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