Posted by Gary Keen on 8th May 2017

​10 Things a seasoned Hunter should know

Man Hunting

If you’re an amateur hunter wanting to improve your technique and are keen to learn, then it’s worth learning from the best. Unless you’ve spoken to some seasoned hunters you might not know the tricks of the trade that will help you out when trying to catch your first trophy.

Below we’ve put together 10 of the best pieces of advice that will really help when you’re on a hunting trip. It’s worth having a read and even if you know a few of these things already, it won’t hurt to learn some tricks of the trade.

1. Finding a good place to hunt

Finding a good place to hunt is key otherwise you may spend most of your time looking for a spot. If you do your research, and even ask locals in the area, you’ll be able to find the best locations in no time.

2. Dress for the field

Wearing the right gear for your hunt is very important as you need to be camouflaged according to the environment that you will be in. You may be out all day and night so choosing warm, insulated clothing is essential. Check out our range here .

3. Get your licence

Prior to embarking on any hunting trips, make sure your licences are in order. This includes your standard firearms or shotgun certificate, alongside any additional wildlife licences you might need for certain areas of the UK. Check out our blogpost on the subject here .

4. If in doubt, ask someone with more experience

No matter how many hunting trips you’ve been on, there will always be someone with more experience of firearms, the type of animal you’re hunting or even the area that you’re hunting in. If you have any doubt, it’s worth asking them to improve your own knowledge in the long run.

5. Practice before you go out

Make sure to get plenty of practice in before leaving on a hunting trip. There are plenty of gun ranges where you can practice in safe conditions, becoming accustomed to your chosen firearm before using it in the field.

6. Choose your weapon wisely

Your choice or firearm may differ depending on the type of hunting activity you’re embarking on, along with the quarry you have chosen. If you aren’t sure what the most appropriate weapon is, do your research first.

7. Always keep gun safety in mind

There’s nothing wrong with going back to basics of gun safety, regardless of your level of experience. Remember that hunting may be an enjoyable sport, but you’re still using dangerous weaponry which must be respected at all times.

8. Familiarise yourself with laws and regulations

Depending on where in the UK you choose to go hunting, it might be that it comes with its own laws, rules and regulations. Once again, make sure that you do you research about an area prior to setting out.

9. You need to time your shot perfectly

Making an ethical shot when shooting is highly encouraged, especially as you don’t want the animal injured or in excessive pain. A well-known code of conduct is to ensure a one-shot kill every time.

10. Respect your environment

It’s important that you maintain a high ethical standard of behaviour whilst hunting in the field. Treat your environment with respect and make sure to take all your belongings with you once your hunt is complete.

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