Airflo Competitor Fly Box

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Airflo Competitor Double Sided Fly Box (Holds 1000+ Flies)

A durable waterproof design has the capacity to store over a 1000 flies in perfect condition. Robust plastic and high density slotted foam ensures that your Airflo competitor box will keep your flies in place and the box in great condition if it’s accidentally dropped. The white not only looks stylish but helps the lifespan of the fly box, by reflecting heat and sun rays there’s no chance of the plastic heating up and melting the adhesive which bonds the foam to the plastic. Also the white blocks sun rays from penetrating the box and discoloring your bright colored flies, a big problem with clear lid fly boxes! Dimensions – 28 x 21 x 6.5cm. Please Note Flies are not included.

Highly durable:
Highly durable
Fully waterproof:
Fully waterproof
Holds 1000 flies:
Holds 1000 flies
Sun reflective white:
Sun reflective white