Zziplex Dymic HST EVO Beach Fishing Rod

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2.50 KGS

Zziplex Dymic HST EVO Beach Fishing Rod

The Zziplex Dymic HST EVO takes everything which is good about the standard HST and adds about 20% more power.

Built with Fuji BCKWAG stainless guides.

All butt guides under whipped in metallic aqua blue, dark blue overwrap with silver trim bands, tip section whipped as standard with matching trim bands.

Both male and female spigots shrink wrapped for easier grip in wet conditions.

Coasters and Fuji butt cap are included with all fully built rods.

All rods come with a quality cloth rod bag.

(Other options are available, please contact us to discuss alternative custom requirements and we will be happy to assist)


Length 13ft 6in:
Length 13ft 6in
Weight 4-8oz:
Weight 4-8oz
Tip 7ft 6in:
Tip 7ft 6in
Butt 6ft 4in:
Butt 6ft 4in