Wychwood Rover Trout Fishing Bag

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0.80 KGS

Wychwood Rover Trout Bag

The Rover is a lightweight, compact, day session shoulder bag for the roving angler. Featuring our fast no zipper or buckle access, it uses magnets for easy access. Featuring a non slip shoulder pad.

Easy secure featuring no zips:
Easy secure featuring no zips
Cavernous main storage compartment:
Cavernous main storage compartment
Unique tippett discard pocket:
Unique tippett discard pocket
Two front pockets:
Two front pockets
Rubber mesh internal tackle pockets:
Rubber mesh internal tackle pockets
Non-slip shoulder pad design:
Non-slip shoulder pad design
Weather and rot resistant:
Weather and rot resistant
Full 168OD nylon material:
Full 168OD nylon material