VMC Docan Ringed 7132 CT Hooks

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VMC Docan Ringed 7132 CT Hooks

Probably the best Chinu on the market. A high end Chinu hook with a very long point and a PTFE coating for super fast penetration.

Coastal PTFE coating: 50% increased penetration speed and 5 times more corrosion.

1/0, 9 hooks per packet.

2/0, 8 hooks per packet.

3/0, 6 hooks per packet.

4/0, 5 hooks per packet.

6/0, 3 hooks per packet.


Needle Sharp:
Needle Sharp
Vanadium Steel:
Vanadium Steel
Super Long Needle Sharp Point:
Super Long Needle Sharp Point
Barbed Hook:
Barbed Hook