Tronixpro Xenon C-6 LD - 4m - 13ft 2in - 4-8oz Beach Fishing Rod

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Tronixpro Xenon C-6 LD (Low Diameter) - 4m - 13ft 2in - 4-8oz Beach Fishing Rod

A merging of two styles, the LD or Low Diameter version of the C-6 blends continental surfcasting style in a two-piece, equal sectioned configuration. A spliced in solid tip helps with bite indication but is stiff enough so it can cope with tides and winds. A progressively powerful butt and mid-section gives excellent casting performance across its range and has the backbone for tackling bigger species too.

Like the rest of the Xenon C-6 range, it is developed to fish with six ounces as the optimum casting weight plus bait. By blending the characteristics of a surf casting rod into a two-piece package, this rod has great useability, is easier to cast and features fantastic bite detection. It is hybrid rung with Fuji K guides to it can be used with a fixed spool or a multiplier reel and comes with a sliding Fuji DPS reel seat.

The tip section incorporates Mighty Bright Tip Tape. Made in the UK, Mighty Bright Tip Tape is highly reflective, making it stand out in your headlight beam when fishing at night.



Length 4m (13ft 2in):
Length 4m (13ft 2in)
Casting 110gm - 225gm (4-8oz):
Casting 110gm - 225gm (4-8oz)
Optimum casting 170gm + bait:
Optimum casting 170gm + bait
Advanced overhead, OTG and pendulum casting:
Advanced overhead, OTG and pendulum casting
2 Equal sections:
2 Equal sections
Fuji BCKWAG Guides:
Fuji BCKWAG Guides
Rung for multiplier or fixed spool use:
Rung for multiplier or fixed spool use
Sliding Fuji DPS reel seat:
Sliding Fuji DPS reel seat
21mm Butt diameter:
21mm Butt diameter
Supplied in tough rod sleeve:
Supplied in tough rod sleeve