Tronixpro Banzai Match 13ft (3oz - 6oz) Beach Fishing Rod

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Tronixpro Banzai Match13ft (3oz - 6oz) Beach Fishing Rod

Despite their name, Match rods are not only popular with match anglers but also the wider angling community as well. These light beachcasters are ideal when targeting species such as bass, flatfish and whiting from clean beaches. The Banzai Match is a 13ft, two-piece rod constructed of lightweight but strong 24ton carbon. Designed to cast 3 to 6oz plus bait giving the angler plenty of scope depending on the situation they find themselves in, allowing them to fish short and long. The Banzai Match has a supple tip, designed to register faint bites, yet retains the strength for casting distance and rigidity, so it doesn’t wave around in adverse weather or by the motion of the surf. The rod comes with a Tronixpro Coaster reel seat and is rung with K guides.

Length 3.96m (13'):
Length 3.96m (13')
Casting 85gm - 170gm (3 - 6oz):
Casting 85gm - 170gm (3 - 6oz)
2 Equal sections:
2 Equal sections
K Guides:
K Guides
Rung for multiplier or fixed spool use:
Rung for multiplier or fixed spool use
Sliding DPS style reel seat:
Sliding DPS style reel seat
Supplied in cloth bag:
Supplied in cloth bag