Snowbee Waterproof and Competition Fly Box (Large)

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Snowbee Waterproof and Competition fly box

Snowbee Easy-Vue Waterproof Fly Box has tough body moldings provide strength and crack resistance, while the double hinges allow the transparent ABS lids to fold to 180 degrees for easier access. These boxes really come into their own for anglers out on a boat.

The double-sided design maximizes storage capacity for the space used & has a silicon rubber seal all around to keep your valuable flies dry. 
The Easy-Vue Waterproof Fly Box range feature a white back-card onto which the high density Micro-slit etha-foam liners are mounted, so flies show up more clearly, for easier fly selection.

Size: 6.1" x 4.2" x 1.7"

Waterproof and Transparent:
Waterproof and Transparent
Securely Holds all different sizes of flies:
Securely Holds all different sizes of flies
High density Ethaform liners:
High density Ethaform liners