Shimano TLD Triton Lever Drag Boat Multiplier Reel

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Shimano TLD Lever Drag Multiplier Fishing Reel

The TLD Lever Drag is a quality boat reel that's lightweight, reliable and versatile. The 15 TLD Lever Drag is perfect for lighter lines and smaller sea species such as Pollock, Bass and Mackerel. The larger 20 and 25 is for those anglers with 'bigger' ambitions. Use the 25 Lever Drag for Conger, Sharks and Skates or for fishing heavy lures and Pirks.

The Lever Drag System works a bit differently to the traditional star drag system. With lever drag there is a sliding lever mounting on the top side of the reel to make drag adjustments when playing fish. The lever engages a drag plate against the side of the spool to apply pressure and slow the spool down. By pressing the lever drag forward, the drag plate is engaged with the spool and the more you push the lever forward, the more pressure is applied. The lever creates less heat therefore maintains the integrity of the reel's drag system for much longer. The drag can then be adjusted to give line out when the fish exerts pressure on the on the line, which is especially important if the breaking strain of the line is not adequate to withstand heavy loading.

TLD15 Capacity: 20lb/450yds

TLD20 Capacity: 20lb/700yds

TLD25 Capacity: 30lb/550yds

A-RB Bearings:
A-RB Bearings
XT-7 Frame:
XT-7 Frame
Power Handle:
Power Handle
Waterproof Drag:
Waterproof Drag
Level Wind System:
Level Wind System
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Clicker System