Shimano Baitrunner X-Aero 4000 FA Fishing Reel

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Shimano Baitrunner X-Aero 4000 FA Reel

Designed as a follow up to the incredibly successful Mini Baitrunner series, the Baitrunner X-Aero FA is arguably the most advanced small reel that Shimano has ever produced. With a design inspired by the Mini Baitrunner, this reel combines tried and tested technologies with an innovative Aero Concept spool. This offers many additional casting performance benefits and has a larger line capacity than the original Mini.

The perfect tool for feeder fishing small and medium sized carp, the Shimano X-Aero 4000 FA can perform well across the board in specialist situations. The freespool capabilities shine when this reel is used as a small predator tool, too, so the X-Aero FA really can perform across the angling disciplines. Available in a smaller 2500 size too, this 4000 version of the X-Aero FA is the ultimate all-rounder.

The Aero Concept spool has a large diameter. This large diameter requires significantly less pressure to work at the peak of the reels effectiveness and as such it seriously improves the drag function of the reel. If you’re looking for a reel with a low inertia start and incredibly smooth fish playing ability, then you need look no further than the X-Aero 4000.

This reel features many of the top of the range features that you will have come to expect from a high end Shimano reel. Four shielded A-RB bearings reduce friction, ensuring that the reel performance is smooth and its lifespan is long. Floating Shaft II technology also works to reduce friction where the shaft meets the pinion – once again extending the lifespan of the reel. Varispeed, Power Roller, DynaBalance, and Super Stopper II are all other fantastic features that ensure that the X-Aero 4000 FA works to the extremes of its abilities every time. It goes without saying that this reel also features the world renowned Baitrunner lever, allowing you to control your freespool. Finished with a double handle for improved balance, it comes with an additional cold forged aluminium spool as standard.

Gear ratio - 4.8:1
Line capacity - 240yds/8lb ((260m/0.25mm)
With line reducer - 240m/0.18mm

XT-7 body and rotor material:
XT-7 body and rotor material
Zinc diecast gears:
Zinc diecast gears
Cold forged aluminium AR-C spool plus CFA AR-C spare spool:
Cold forged aluminium AR-C spool plus CFA AR-C spare spool
Two spool depth reducers to suit thinner lines:
Two spool depth reducers to suit thinner lines
Baitrunner system:
Baitrunner system
Body maintenance port:
Body maintenance port
Super Stopper II:
Super Stopper II
Dynabalance and Power Roller:
Dynabalance and Power Roller
Stamping Bail:
Stamping Bail
Double handle:
Double handle