Shakespeare Agility 2 Flattie 10ft 6in Fishing Rod

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Shakespeare Agility 2 Flattie 10ftn 6in Rod

The featherweight Agility 2 Flattie is perfect for close range estuary fishing as well as light fishing from the open beach when conditions allow you to fish with light gear. The sensitive tip shows the tiniest of bites and if teamed up with a small fixed spool and braid you should have no excuse for not spotting even the smallest nibble. As well as bottom fishing you can use the flattie for float fishing and it can even double as a make shift heavy lure rod.The Agility Flattie is a great light rod to have in your armory to call upon when the conditions allow. As you would expect with an Agility the finish is very good with a screw winch and lined guides.

Slim Carbon Blank:
Slim Carbon Blank
Rod Length: 10ft 6in:
Rod Length: 10ft 6in
Casting Weight: 1-3oz:
Casting Weight: 1-3oz
Rod Weight: 320g:
Rod Weight: 320g
Number of Sections: 3:
Number of Sections: 3