Ridgemonkey C-Smart Powerbank Grey 77850mah

Ridgemonkey C-Smart Powerbank Grey 77850mah
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Ridgemonkey C-Smart Powerbank

Continuing the success of the award-winning RidgeMonkey Vault Dual Voltage Powerpack, the Vault C-Smart sets an even higher bar for portable power sources. Designed to fulfil the needs of both modern and legacy devices alike, the Vault C-Smart allows simultaneous use of all four output ports and is one of the first portable power sources to feature USB-C with Power Delivery technology.

With major manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Google and Microsoft widely adopting the USB-C connector, it’s no longer a new development: it’s the new standard. Alongside this, USB Power Delivery (also known as USB PD) is a charging protocol exclusive to USB-C that allows safe fast charging of smartphones, tablets and laptops that are USB PD enabled: with up to 45W of charging power on tap, the RidgeMonkey Vault C-Smart can charge your USB PD enabled device up to NINE times faster than a standard 5W USB charger. What’s more, the included high-powered USB-C PD mains adaptor will fully charge the RidgeMonkey Vault C-Smart in just a few hours, perfect for those short-notice trips away from home.

Combine the USB-C PD port with twin 5V 3A USB-A ports and a 12V DC cigar type output and you have the most versatile handheld power source on the market: compact enough to fit into a coat pocket, dense enough to charge a high-powered smartphone many times over and powerful enough to charge a full-sized laptop from flat to full in just two hours.


Product Specification

Ridgemonkey Vault C-Smart 77850mAh

  • Dimensions: 230mm x 130mm x 44mm
  • Weight: 1495g
  • Capacity: 24Ah @ 12v / 77,850mAh @ 3.7v
  • iPhone X / Galaxy S8 approx charges: 19-21
  • iPhone 8 / Galaxy A3 approx charges: 29-31


USB-C with 45W Power Delivery technology:
USB-C with 45W Power Delivery technology
Twin 5V 3A USB-A ports:
Twin 5V 3A USB-A ports
12V 13A DC cigar type output:
12V 13A DC cigar type output
Includes high-powered USB-C PD mains adaptor:
Includes high-powered USB-C PD mains adaptor