Richworth Typr R Shelf Life Carp Boilies

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Richworth Type R Shelf Life carp Boilies

The Type-R bait system of Boilies, Pellets, Stick-Mix, Pop-ups and Dips contain the optimum levels of attractors, enhancers and stimulants that will draw fish to you swim and keep them coming back for more. Type-R Boilies are made with the finest raw materials available, providing a complete food source bait to give the angler long term results.

Range of flavours to suit season:
Range of flavours to suit season
Highly digestible ingredients:
Highly digestible ingredients
Pop Ups to match Boilie Choice:
Pop Ups to match Boilie Choice
Pellets to suit Boilie Choice:
Pellets to suit Boilie Choice
Fresh packaged shelf life boilies:
Fresh packaged shelf life boilies