Penn Fathom Level Wind Multiplier Boat Fishing Reel

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Penn Fathom Level Wind Multiplier Fishing Reel

Solid, dependable, and powerful. Designed with a lower gear ratio 4.3:1 for extreme cranking power on big fish in deep waters. A level wind ensures the spool fills correctly when the pressure and fish are on.

The diecast frame and side plates give the angler a solid reliable reel whilst the HT 100 drag system gives you all the smooth stopping power you will ever need.

Size                                     Capacity                            Weight

FTH15LW                             320yd/15lb                          19.2oz

FTH20LW                             320yd/17lb                          19.5oz

FTH25LW                             330yd/20lb                          20oz



Diecast aluminium frame and sideplates:
Diecast aluminium frame and sideplates
Forged aluminium spool:
Forged aluminium spool
Four stainless steel shielded ball bearings:
Four stainless steel shielded ball bearings
Instant anti-reverse bearing:
Instant anti-reverse bearing
Stainless steel level-wind system:
Stainless steel level-wind system
Bronze main and pinion gears:
Bronze main and pinion gears
HT-100 powered drag system:
HT-100 powered drag system