NEW - Penn Regiment III Bass Lure 10ft 28-85g Fishing Rod

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Penn Regiment III Bass Lure 10ft 28-85g Fishing Rod

The PENN Regiment III Bass spinning's are available in two different models; a 9ft and 10ft. These are constructed from a 30 ton carbon blank in combination with SLS3 technology, resulting in low weight and thin diameter blanks with incredible strength. Boths are designed to be handle both braided and mono lines and are fitted with the best SeaGuide guides. The blanks are especially designed to be able to handle any kind of lure fishing. The sensitive tip section gives great bite detection and also helps to launch smaller lures, while the power that is built up in the mid and but section gives everything you need to give a good hookset and block a big bass. These have a anti-slip shrink rear handle to provide extra grip during wet conditions, while the front EVA handle makes fishing very comfortable.

High Modulus 30T Carbon blank:
High Modulus 30T Carbon blank
SLS3 blank construction:
SLS3 blank construction
SW proof SeaGuide guides:
SW proof SeaGuide guides
Ergonomic high density EVA handles:
Ergonomic high density EVA handles