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Nash Tackle Scope Full Shrink/Abbreviated Rods

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Product Weight: 1.00 KGS

SKU: T1901

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Product Description

Scope Rods

Featuring a unique retractable butt section, 9ft and 10ft Scope rods pack down to a miniature 44 inches and 50 inches – fitting in the boot of a car. Yet Kevin’s discovery is that reducing rod length produces tools that are unexpectedly superior in almost every way.

Easier to use in confined swims, offering absolute casting accuracy and providing improved contact with battling carp Scope rods have no limits. Casting distances over 170 yards have been recorded with 9ft Scopes.

Expanded by popular demand into both heavier and lighter test curves the Scope concept has influenced every avenue of specialist fishing – from spodding to marker work, to lure fishing, drop shotting, even boat fishing.

Scope 9ft and 10ft 3 lb (Cork or Full Shrink option)

Handling heavier leads to 3.5 oz and with a more pronounced tip action for incredible accuracy up to 100 yards/metres the 3 lb Scope copes with larger lakes, gravel pits and rivers, with uprated mid-section power for bigger carp and more demanding situations.

Scope 9ft and 10ft 3.5 lb (Cork or Full Shrink option)

The choice for big pits, reservoirs or extreme rivers. Performing with leads of 3-4oz, at casting ranges up to 150 yards/metres the 3.5 lb Scope makes a great tool for distance PVA bag work or boating baits out. Kevin Nash has used these with great success at over 300 metres, yet the forgiving tip ensures playing fish at close range remains a pleasure.

Scope 9ft 4.5lb tc Full Shrink

Scope 10ft 4.5lb tc Abbreviated

An unashamed extreme Scope, only for the hardcore. Capable of tackling monster carp in the most challenging venues around the world. Handles leads of 4-5oz, at ranges unlimited! A brilliant compact spod rod, and during testing Kevin Nash discovered the feel through a 9ft Scope was acutely enhanced compared to a traditional 12ft marker rod which dampens the lead signal. A 9ft/10ft 4.5 lb Scope will bring a new dimension to understanding lakebed features. Don’t just think carp – this animal will handle anything from catfish to bass, to tope and small sharks.



Unique retractable butt for the most compact big fish performance ever achieved
Super light high modulus carbon blanks with 1K weave
Genuine Fuji DPS reel seat
Fuji Minima low profile one piece guides for improved casting and enhanced sensitivity
Japanese full shrink and Cork handle options
Carbon line clips on 2.75lb models and above
Keeper rings on 1.75 and 2.25lb models
Black stainless laser etched butt cap with beta light slot (fits Scope Rectangular Isotope)

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