Marttiini Martef 6 inch Filleting Knife

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0.50 KGS

Marttiini Martef 6 inch Fillet Knife

The sharp Martef coated blade moves extremely smoothly through the fish and you get clean-cut fillets easily.

The Martef coating reduces friction to almost zero while protecting the blade against corrosion. Cleaning the blade after use is extremely easy.

The textured rubber handle and the finger guard ensure a firm grip of the knife even in difficult conditions. This blade length is suitable for processing fish of about 1 kg.

Many other kitchen chores, such as slicing vegetables, become easy with this knife. The filleting knife is supplied with a leather sheath.

Martef Coated Blade:
Martef Coated Blade
Extremely Sharp:
Extremely Sharp
Rubber Handle:
Rubber Handle
Leather Sheath:
Leather Sheath