LedLenser Solidline SH1 LED Headlamp - 110 lumens

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LED Lenser Solidline SH1 LED Headlamp 110 lumens

The robust Solidline SH1 is a practical, easy-to-use headlamp for everyday use with two brightness levels. With its innovative gesture control, it also offers an impressive feature for a lamp in its price range. Just move your hand briefly past the sensor - and the lamp switches itself on and off. Together with the swiveling lamp head and the comfortable headband, the SH1 is ideal for many uses around the house and garden. The SH1 draws its power from two AAA batteries.


  • Compact and lightweight LED headlamp for everyday use with a strong price-performance ratio
  • Powerful white light COB LED with two brightness levels
  • Gesture Control - on/off function via gesture control (easy to activate)
  • Swiveling lamp head for individual adjustment of the light cone
  • Operation with two AAA batteries

Technical data

  • Type: LED headlamp
  • Accessories: batteries included
  • Dimmable: yes
  • Battery type: 2x AAA (Micro)
  • Shape: Headlamp


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Comfortable headband:
Comfortable headband
Innovative gesture control:
Innovative gesture control
Two brightness levels:
Two brightness levels
Easy to operate:
Easy to operate
Swivelling lamp head:
Swivelling lamp head