Led Lenser H7R.2 LED Headlamp

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Led Lenser H7R.2 LED Headlamp

The H7R.2 is an upgraded version of the popular rechargeable H7R headlamp. It is brighter, smarter, more durable and comfortable than the previous model.

A major new feature of the H7R.2 is the multi-function 'Wheel Switch' at the back. This lets you seamlessly adjust the light intensity (or flashing rate if you are using the signal light function). It also offers you increased safety with a built-in optional light that has both an on and blinking function, plus provides a battery indicator that lets you know how much life your batteries have left. The H7R.2 also has a built-in USB port for easy recharging.

Other improvements include an upgrade of the tilting mechanism, so it is now even more durable. The button is larger and made of rubber. The cabling of the H7.2 has also been completely revised, with particular focus on strengthening the areas exposed to a lot of strain. The H7.2 also features a transport lock so it can’t turn on by accident – great in a pack.

For ultimate versatility, the H7R.2 can also run on standard AAA batteries. Covered by LED Lenser's 5 year world-wide warranty.


Brightness (Boost):  300 lumens
Brightness (High):  200 lumens
Brightness (Low):  20 lumens
Burn Time (Boost):  6 hours
Burn Time (High):  14 hours
Burn Time (Low):  60 hours
Beam Range (Boost):  160 m
Beam Range (High):  140 m
Beam Range (Low):  50 m
Weight:  164 g
Batteries:  Li-ion (rechargeable)
Water resistance:  IPX4


Smart Light Technology:
Smart Light Technology
Advanced Focus System:
Advanced Focus System
Low Battery Message System:
Low Battery Message System
Multi-function 'wheel' switch at back:
Multi-function 'wheel' switch at back
Transport Lock:
Transport Lock
Redesigned flexible cabling:
Redesigned flexible cabling
Ergonomic design:
Ergonomic design
Rear light for safety:
Rear light for safety
Battery indicator:
Battery indicator
3 Light programmes to choose from:
3 Light programmes to choose from
5 Light options (High Power, Low Power, Boost, Dim, Signal):
5 Light options (High Power, Low Power, Boost, Dim, Signal)