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Korda Under Water Carp Fishing DVD PART 2


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Product Description

Korda Under Water Carp Fishing DVD PART 2

Once again Danny Fairbrass, Korda Developments and Dive Out Productions bring you never before seen underwater footage which answers questions anglers have debated since Isaac Walton first dipped a quill into his local pool!
This footage will without question have a massive influence on the effectiveness of your fishing. For the first time you’ll have a clear and definitive picture of how your tackle looks and works underwater.
Part 1 concentrated on fish activity in the swim and gave us an insight into fish feeding that has put many extra fish on the bank. Part 2 continues in that vain but concentrates on the look and mechanics of modern day tackle. You get a jaw-dropping, fish’s-eye-view that will either massively affect your fishing or make you sell your tackle! You will see how many of the carp you have caught have been in spite of your approach not because of it!


Improve you knowledge of carp fishing all round
A variety of new skills to be learned
Plenty of action

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