Korda Mini Sky Liner

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Korda Mini Sky Liner

Korda's long awaited Mini Version of the market leading Skyliner spod. The Mini Skyliner can be used on a standard carp rod without requiring a leader or other specialised spodding gear. It has the potential to deliver bait upto 80 yards and is best suited to introducing small quantities of bait with minimal disturbance or for topping up the swim during a session.

The spod boasts a new design concept using Spod Tails that slot into the top of the spod. These are semi rigid tails that increase spod performance, 45lb rated breaking strain, reduce drag for improved accuuracy and do not fold inwards when loading bait. The Skliner now has no front fins.

Bait Capacity = 1.64oz when full
The skliner now has no front fins:
The skliner now has no front fins
45lb Rated breaking strain:
45lb Rated breaking strain
Reduce drag for improved accuuracy:
Reduce drag for improved accuracy