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Kinetic Magic Minnow Red Ed 165mm 360 gram Cola Cacao


Product Weight: 0.40 KGS

SKU: MM24102

Product Description

Kinetic Magic Minnow Red Ed 165mm 360 gram Cola Cacao

Down in the deep water the Redfish is the main food source for Halibut and Cod. An exciting action on both the drop and retrieve make this lure trigger some super aggressive takes.


Exciting swimming action
Fishes on both retrieve and drop
Deadly for Halibut and Cod
Supplied 2 per pack
395 Grams

Product Videos

Halibut Attacking Underwater 03:04

Info and news: www.articlyngen.no and www.kineticfishing.com Watch unique video-footage of halibut attacking the lure! To many anglers worldwide, catching a halibut is considered being the ultimate catch. To make this dream come true more and more anglers visit the northern part of Norway to go sea fishing. Earlier this year Danish TV host Mads Hussing was fishing with sports fishing journalists and experts Jakob Lindberg and Peter Kirkby from kineticfishing.com. They were fishing and shooting footage for a series of fishing shows -- "Fiskemagasinet" or in English "The Fishing Magazine" -- to be shown on the Danish TV channel DK4 later this year. The fishing took place at two different locations -- the Nordic Sea Angling camp at Ringvassøya near Tromsø and Artic Lyngen Sjøcamp at Lyngsfjorden a three hours' drive east of Tromsø. During six days of fishing, thirteen halibuts were caught. The two biggest were caught during the last day of fishing in Lyngsfjord. They measured 134 cm and 150 cm in length and the weight of these fishes was estimated to respectively 35-40 kilos and 50 kilos or more. The biggest one was caught by the TV host. Big halibut -- or "storkveite" as they call them in Norway -- are off course impressive, but to the small film crew, the most sensational capture was done when filming under-water. Several times they were able to film how a halibut attacks the lure. A short video showing some of the sensational footage has now been released by kineticfishing.com. This is just a part of the spectacular footage filmed during the trip. More will be shown on the Danish channel DK4 as the new episodes of Fiskemagasinet will be broadcasted in November and December 2011. The host on Fiskemagasinet, Mads Hussing, says: "For 16 years I have been making the TV show, and I expect this to this to be the best series of shows we have ever made. The halibut is a mysterious and in many ways legendary fish. It is something special to catch these huge fish and it is really spectacular to see underwater footage of how they rise from the bottom to attack a lure! You can really learn a lot from watching these TV shows."

  • Halibut Attack...
    Info and news: www.articlyngen.no and www.kineticfishing.com W...