Jaguar Recurve Crossbow 175lb

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Jaguar Recurve Crossbow Camo 175lb

The Anglo Arms Jaguar is the UK's best selling crossbow brand due to its winning performance, quality and unbeatable price. This hard-hitting recurve crossbow has a powerful 175lb draw weight that is capable of unbeatable levels of accuracy in excess of 85 yards. The Jaguar stores its elastic potential energy in its fiberglass limb which converts to kinetic energy through the 10.5" power stroke, all this transferring of stored energy allows the Jaguar to achieve an impressive velocity of 245fps.

With an overall weight of 7lbs the Jaguar is a medium to heavyweight crossbow suitable for novices and seasoned shooters alike. The Jaguars notable weight distribution through the barrel is incredibly well balanced making it easy to stabilize and aim even after long durations. This Jaguar crossbow comes complete with 4 x 16" bolts and a handy stringer. The Anglo Arms Jaguar crossbow requires very minimal assembly and is provided with a comprehensive guide.

Important: Powerful crossbows like the Anglo Arms Jaguar; should never be dry fired (shot without a bolt) as it can damage bow components and shorten the lifespan of strings. Our experts advise regular cleaning after every use and application of rail lube after every fourth shot.

Draw Weight 175lb:
Draw Weight 175lb
FPS 245:
FPS 245
Limb Material Fiberglass:
Limb Material Fiberglass
Bolt Length 20":
Bolt Length 20"