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Hot Gel hand Warmers


Product Weight: 0.10 KGS


Product Description


The Hot Gel Hand warmer provides self-heating and rechargeable instant-heat for your hands. The heat is easily activated by flexing a metal disc inside the gel. The chemical reaction then produces warmth in seconds and will last for up to 40 minutes. You can use them again by recharging the warmer by boiling it for 15 minutes until the contents have liquefied. It can then be re-activated.

How to use:

- Locate the small metal disc
- Bend the disc with your fingers until it clicks
- Wait a few seconds for the heat (up to 54 degrees C) to spread through the Hot Gel
- Squeeze and knead the Hot Gel for optimum performance
- To retain warmth for longest time, keep the hot gel inside a glove or pocket

- Prepare a saucepan of water
- Wrap the crystallized Hot Gel in a cloth (to void contact with the heated surface of the pan)
- Boil the Hot Gel for 15 minutes (approx.) until it returns to a liquified state
- Allow the Hot Gel to cool and it is ready for re-activation
- With proper care as instructed Hot Gel may be recharged more than 100 times.
- DO NOT put the Hot Gel in a microwave oven


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