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  • Fuji TKWAG Titanium Alconite Multiplier Ring Set (TKWAG Set)

Fuji TKWAG Titanium Alconite Multiplier Guide Set


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Product Description

Fuji TKWAG Titanium Alconite Multiplier Guide Set

ALCONITE - Fuji's engineers thought long and hard on how to make a guide lighter and stronger yet keep the cost down. After years of research they came up with Alconite, a special type of ceramic that offers strength, lightness, and durability. In fact Alconite offers 80% greater compression strength and is 20% lighter than Aluminum Oxide. Also, through Fuji's Diamond Polishing, Alconite boasts a finish that is smoother than that of Hardloy®. Fuji engineers were also able to make Alconite the thinnest and lightest ceramic ring available today; even 7% lighter than standard SiC guides! When combined with the lightweight Concept frame the results are unparalleled ... 35% lighter and up to 50% stronger than ordinary guides.

Consisiting of;

1 x 30mm (Low)
1 x 25mm
1 x 20mm
1 x 16mm
4 x 12mm
1 x 12mm TMNAT Tip Ring (3.6mm)

If you require any different sizes please email us.





Corrosion Resistant titanium frame
Double Foot Guides giving strength and stability
Alconite Insert suitable for Braid, Nylon and Fluorocarbon lines
Tangle free design

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