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Fox Carp Rig Bins


Product Weight: 0.05 KGS


Product Description

Fox Carp Rig Bins

There is no doubt that Chod and Withy Pool Rigs are amongst the most popular – and indeed effective – rigs of all time but steaming and then storing them so as to ensure that the critical ‘aggressive’ curve in the hooklength is both created and then maintained has always proved problematical… until now!


Self-contained within a compact and secure screw-topped and tinted green storage tub
Features three different diameter sections that allow you to select the degree of curve that best suits you
Simply place your Chod or Withy Pool Rig on your chosen section and then steam it over a boiling kettle to help set the perfect curve
Rigs can be stored on device until they are needed
Supplied with 20 specially designed pins that allow you to put stiff rig loops under tension without them losing their shape

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