Daiwa 7HT Millionaire Multiplier Fishing Reel

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Daiwa 7HT Millionaire Multipler Reel.

The Daiwa 7HT was the first and original open frame multiplier designed to meet the exacting criteria of the demanding tournament casting circuit and the discerning UK beach angler.
The 7HT verges on design perfection hence and it is unsurpassed in its class.
Your casting distances might not match that of Paul Kerry, but the Millionaire 7HT will help you to reach distances you had previously only dreamt of.
The fantastic gear design, three stainless steel ball bearings and 6.1:1 retrieve ensure that it's as fast and smooth on the retrieve as it is on the cast so don't worry about your arms aching winding that much line back!
Rigid one piece frame:
Rigid one piece frame
Daiwa 5 point support system:
Daiwa 5 point support system
Low frame crossbar:
Low frame crossbar
Aluminium/Bronze gears:
Aluminium/Bronze gears
Mechanical brake system:
Mechanical brake system
Anodized aluminium spool:
Anodized aluminium spool
Smooth and powerful drag:
Smooth and powerful drag