Daiwa 7HT Millionaire Mag ST Multiplier Fishing Reel

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Daiwa 7HT Millionaire Mag ST Multiplier Fishing Reels.

There are two solid reasons why you will want daiwa new 7ht Mag Super Tuned Multiplier.

The first is because its probably the best looking reel ever invented. Second, you'll want to test your human reflexes against what is thought to be the most super tuned reel ever built. There will be anglers who will do both. We are talking nano seconds here. We see Daiwa engineers pushing the envelope, they even have people challenging which way round the spool should be machined so the final balance is perfect.
Tolerances have been improved by up to 400%

The end result is a reel that can truly claim to be super tuned.

The reels inteligent Magnofuge braking system, so highly praised in the 7ht Mag, has been tweaked further and it might only be the best and the bravest on the beach who spin the magnetic braking dial to minus plus making the spool spin at 30,000 revs in a blink.
High acceleration, silky smoothness and lack of vibration are all down to a squad of nine ball bearings, which make the high and deceleration drama-free. In its smart twilight side plate livery with red spools and features, plus a very workmanlike but comfortable handle, here we have a fast, rakish reel that pushes others out of the limelight.

inteligent magnofuge magentic braking system:
inteligent magnofuge magentic braking system
Infinate anti-reverse:
Infinate anti-reverse
Rigid one piece dure-aluminium frame:
Rigid one piece dure-aluminium frame
Five point support system and low frame crossbara:
Five point support system and low frame crossbara
High grade Brass drive:
High grade Brass drive
Strainless Steel pinion:
Strainless Steel pinion
Smooth and ultra powerful drag:
Smooth and ultra powerful drag