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Cold Steel Pocket Bushman

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Product Description

Cold Steel Pocket Bushman

The Bushman has been a mainstay of the Cold Steel line for more than a decade now. It’s an economically simple design, with winning features like strength, versatility, and an affordable price. It’s practically perfect! So, rather than upstage the Bushman, we’ve created a complement to it, a version small enough to carry with you everywhere you go. The new Pocket Bushman.

While it’s physically impossible for any folding knife to ever match the strength and rigidity of a fixed blade, we believe our Pocket Bushman, with its new patent pending lock, is close to hitting the mark. The blade is long and wide with a short, sharp, clip point for usefulness and versatility. And it’s hollow ground from top to bottom with just enough belly to be useful for all sorts of tasks.

For the handle, we used the mono block construction method famously used in the French Douk Douk line of knives. There are several advantages to using the mono block. It’s simple to mass-produce, and, since there are no liners, handle scales or back spacers, the end result is quite affordable. A single sheet of stainless steel is folded in half to form a housing for the closed blade, as well as supplying the enormous strength and rigidity required to compliment our Ram Safe lock.


Blade Length: 4 1/2"
Blade Thickness: 3.5 mm
Overall Length: 10 1/4"
Steel: German 4116 Stainless
Weight: 6.1 oz
Handle: 5 3/4 Long 420 Series Stainless w/ Bead Blast Finish
Pocket Clip: Stainless Pocket / Belt Clip

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