Bait Tech Super Seed 350g

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Bait Tech Super Seed 350g

The SUPER SEED range of particles are cooked in the can for sealed-in freshness. The unique cooking process retains all of the essential oils and natural attractants that are so appealing to fish and with NO PRESERVATIVES makes for a truly wonderful ready to use bait.

Our finest grade A seed is top quality and it shows!

Our massively popular Super Seed range has grown! Huge demand has led us to expand the family with the new super productive Super Seed Aniseed. Aniseed has long been recognised as a top roach attractor but the benefits don’t stop there – carp of all sizes as well as barbel and bream are now showing an addiction to the flavour.

Eight different particles make up the long-standing & highly trusted Parti Mix to keep fish rooting in your swim for extended periods of time.

Chilli flavour adds another twist to our natural hemp to offer the angler an alternative on waters where unflavoured hemp has been used time and time again. Chilli flakes fire up any carp’s taste buds while the aniseed version brings a lesser known but highly successful additive to the fore. All offer the ultimate in user-friendly ready to use baits.

    • New flavours for 2012

    • The highest quality hempseed and particles

    • User friendly

    • Ready to use from the can

    • Loose feeding

    • Spod mixes

    • Laying carpet feed

    • Adding to groundbait

    • For any particle situation

    • No preservatives