AXIA Weedless Minnow - White Glitter (2 Bodies + 1 Head)

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AXIA Weedless Minnow - White Glitter (2 Bodies + 1 Head)

Designed to get in amongst weed, kelp and across rough ground for anglers targeting predatory species such as bass and pollack. A unique weedless design offers significant protection against snagging. The jig head has a curved jaw helping it bounce off rocks further aiding its anti-snagging properties. The articulating hook swings on the jig head mount allowing the body to have a more realistic swimming action. The hook point is sunk into the Minnows body but will eject out as soon as a fish takes to ensure a good hook up. The body itself is made from a soft and durable soft plastic compound that produces a life like action and a paddle tail that thumps in the water for added audible attraction. It comes with a jig head glued to the main body and a spare body.

Available in sizes;

85mm | 12g

115mm | 25g

150mm | 46g