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  • Anyfish Anywhere 13ft 7in Match Pro Beach Fishing Rod

Anyfish Anywhere 13ft 7in Match Pro Beach Fishing Rod

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Product Weight: 2.50 KGS


Product Description

Anyfish Anywhere 13ft 7in Match Pro Beach Fishing Rod

The Match PRO is a the new flagship model in the Anyfish Anywhere red rod range and it is a superb long range multiplier fishing rod which will be loved by both match and pleasure anglers alike.
Anyfish Anywhere spent 18 months in testing and development of the match Pro and the result of these efforts is a rod which is slim, light and powerful whilst still being supremely user friendly. The butt and mid sections provide the power needed to send bait and sinker a very long way whilst the tip recovers smoothly to give long trouble free casts.

As a fishing rod the Match PRO has the bite indication you would expect but the tip resists folding in the tide allowing you to still spot the indications even when the tide is running at full tilt. If you hook a decent fish the rod has the power to control it whilst giving you plenty of feedback to allow you to fully enjoy the fight.
It is very well finished with Fuji BMNAG Alconite guides, Japanese shrink tube handle and sliding screw winch.


2 Equal Piece Construction
Casting Weight: 125-175 grams
Length: 13ft 7in
Fuji sliding DPS Winch reel fitting
Fuji BMNAG Alconite guides
Butt Diameter: 24mm

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