Anyfish Anywhere 12ft 6in Tournament Bass Fishing Rod

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Anyfish Anywhere 12ft 6in Tournament Bass Fishing Rod

Both of our new Bass rods have had great anglers to test them.

This 12' 6" Tournament version is primarily designed for the use of bass at range in a big sea, when the key to success is bait in the breakers. But as bass fishing also dictates, it wasn’t designed solely for distance but for specific big bait situations as well.

Being 12’6” in length it enables you to cast bigger baits with ease, whether clipped or flapping. You can use fixed spool or multiplier reels with braid if required.

This isn’t a specialist’s rod and to anyone who wants a predominately lighter and thinner beach style rod with a lighting tip to hold in the surf, this is for you.

Length 12ft 6in:
Length 12ft 6in
Casts 3-6oz:
Casts 3-6oz
New Style Fuji Guides:
New Style Fuji Guides
Fixed Fuji reel seat:
Fixed Fuji reel seat
2 piece:
2 piece