Akios Nitron F-15 Multiplier Beach Casting Reel

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Akios Nitron F-15 Multiplier Beach Casting Reel

Designed from the ground up as a powerhouse, long distance casting reel, the NITRON F-15 delivers superior casting distances, as well as an immensely powerful, super fast 6.2:1 retrieve gearbox driven by a new ergonomic counter balanced power handle.

Sporting the Akios Quadro magnetic braking system controlled by way of a new wider and accessible knobby, precise braking forces can be applied. Mags wound fully on ensures overrun-free casting in any weather condition, wound fully off, the lightweight, lateral anti-distortion tournament spools runs absolutely free allowing for truly insane distances.

The new Akios NITRON F-15 is the ultimate long distance powerhouse multiplier reel, designed and built without compromise.

Designed over a 3 year period, utilizing years of knowledge within the industry, coupled with listening to anglers on the ground and gaining input to create the ideal all-round reel to deliver on all fronts.



Powerful Super High Speed 6.2:1 Gearing:
Powerful Super High Speed 6.2:1 Gearing
Akios Quadro Magnetic Braking System:
Akios Quadro Magnetic Braking System
Lightweight Lateral Anti-Distortion Tournament Spool:
Lightweight Lateral Anti-Distortion Tournament Spool
Supersized 5mmØ Hardened Steel Spindle:
Supersized 5mmØ Hardened Steel Spindle
4+1 Shielded Stainless Steel Bearings:
4+1 Shielded Stainless Steel Bearings
Ergonomic Counterbalanced Anodised Power Handle:
Ergonomic Counterbalanced Anodised Power Handle
12kg Carbon Drag System:
12kg Carbon Drag System
Reel Weight: 440g:
Reel Weight: 440g
Capacity: 466m/0.35mm - 400m/0.40mm:
Capacity: 466m/0.35mm - 400m/0.40mm