Airflo Comfort Zone Boat Seat Deluxe with Free Carry Bag

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1.00 KGS

Airflo Comfort Zone Boat Seat Deluxe

Quite simply the best boat seat bar none. Quality, luxury padded cushion and essential back support guarantee you the most pleasurable and relaxing day you will ever experience whilst on the water - no other boat seat can offer this level of comfort.

Folding to under 3ft in length, the Airflo Deluxe Comfort Zone boat seat will easily fit into all car boots, making it so easy to transport.

Made using a super strong telescopic aluminium frame, this top of the range boat seat is more than capable of taking the strain no matter how large the load or how rough the conditions.

Designed to be set up or broken down with ease, the Deluxe Comfort Zone seat will get you fishing in seconds, and just as importantly allow you to exit the boat quickly and efficiently at the end of a hard days fishing.

Padded Seat:
Padded Seat
Quick set up and packdown:
Quick set up and packdown
Adjustable Lengh:
Adjustable Lengh
Unrivalled comfort and support:
Unrivalled comfort and support
Telescopic packdown desighn for easy transportation:
Telescopic packdown desighn for easy transportation