Abu Ambassadeur 7500 Elite Multiplier Fishing Reel

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Abu Ambassadeur 7500 Elite Multiplier Fishing Reel

The 7500 Elite features a fully redesigned and strengthened spool spindle to maximise gear alignment under heavy casting and direct pressure, brass side plates for improved strength and corrosion resistance, and strategically placed stainless steel bearings to ensure a smooth retreive against even the hardest fighting specimens.

The Elite also boasts the new Carbon Matrix drag, designed to effortlessly handle the differing stresses of mono and braid lines, while the 4-pin centrifugal brake allows for simple braking to achieve long, effortless casts in any weather.


Smooth Carbon Matrix drag system:
Smooth Carbon Matrix drag system
Redesigned and strengthened spool spindle:
Redesigned and strengthened spool spindle
Brass side-plates:
Brass side-plates
Aluminium spool:
Aluminium spool
4-pin adjustable centrifugal brake:
4-pin adjustable centrifugal brake
Bulb handle:
Bulb handle